Learning By Doing at its Best in Trendreader - Intership Program

03 November 2017 10:13 Ansi Hahuri No Comments!

As a part of Mercu Buana University program, every student is required to join internship program to practice the knowledge learnt in the real world. At first I only applied for a permit to research Tren Data Indonesia (Trendreader) as my thesis object, entitled “Communication Strategy to Build Trend Data Indonesia Brand Awareness through Jambore Media & PR Indonesia #2 Event”. However, I was fortunate to be offered for their internship program as well .

During the three-month internship, I assisted Trendreader Marketing Team to scour for potential clients to be followed up by the team later on. I was challenged to apply what I know from the university to the real professional world, learning by doing.

In exchange, Trendreader assisted me in collecting data required for my research while letting me pick up many new practices that I didn’t learn in class, for example the effect of media monitoring activity towards a corporate’s business, the real working environment, how the employees and management coordinate, how each unit within the company coordinate, and how the company coordinates with clients.

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to learn from Trendreader thanks to their familial working environment, many employee bonding activities, which eliminate the gap between the management, and employees, and equal treatment for the employees and interns. I was also included in the race held during the company’s Indonesia Independence Day Celebration.

I hope I have contributed valuable assistance to Trendreader during my internship, especially for the Marketing Division. I'm grateful to have gained many valuable insights that boost my confidence to compete in the real world. Keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow!.

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