First Time Visiting Neighboring Country

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As an inspiring photographer/graphic designer working at Trendreader, I’m responsible to provide images for Trendreader social media channels. Personally, I always strive to enhance my photography skills and one way to do that is by visiting new places and just snap every object or spot that I find charming… So I recently did just that!.

I finally got the chance to visit Malaysia, for the first time on 2-6 November 2017 for a weekend getaway. Yeaaayyy! You know what they say, first time is a charm and what a charm it was. Oh… By the way, the trip was an early birthday surprise (my birthday was on the 10th, in case you’re wondering) from my mom so it was a double charm! I was ecstatic!.

As I was relishing every moment from the trip, I noticed a unique facility offered at the Kuala Lumpur Airport. There was an aero-train that operates inside the airport, transporting passengers between terminals. I arrived Thursday night (2 November) in Kuala Lumpur, along with my mom and sister. We were already feeling beat and all I could think about was tucking in into a nice warm bed. However, it was another one hour-ride from the airport to our hotel, which was located in the center of Kuala Lumpur.

The best part about our hotel was how close it was to the popular tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur. We were curious tourists on our foot, exploring the city and its culinary. On Friday (3 November), we visited the Twin Tower and discovered a food stall similar to “warteg” in Indonesia, where you can feed your appetite for a lower price. We then meet up with my long lost friend who is pursuing her degree in the country.

I really wanted to commute by KL train for city hopping, however since we didn't stay for long, we decided it was best not to purchase the train card. So we traveled around the city by online taxi, which charged reasonable fare.

The next day, we moved to a different hotel in Bukit Bintang area, a popular shopping destination. My family and I visited local shops which offer goods at a bargained price. From souvenirs, chocolates, and most importantly… Food! It was so hard to resist buying every cute thing I saw. We also stopped by a famous luxurious shopping mall, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The items on our shopping list was all checked out at the end of the day but our itinerary was still missing one more thing, Batu Caves in Selangor. It is a must-visit tourist destination that features a large statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity, and a huge cave of course.

In addition to enjoying variety of destinations. I came across different tourists from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Indonesians. Not only for holiday, I also met eager and driven personalities from those countries who’ve made a living in Malaysia for years.

Then suddenly, Monday arrived and it was time for me to switch from holiday mood to my happy-go-lucky-Jakarta citizen mood. Truth be told, I was missing Jakarta so bad, especially the fact that you could find delicious street food anytime, anywhere. Such a food paradise.

One more thing, Malaysia has many instagrammable spots so make sure you wear your cutest outfit! Thank you Malaysia for your hospitality. My family and I really enjoyed your beautiful country. We really had a great time so it only makes sense if I share this joy and photos I’ve taken with TR Troops. Until next time!.

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