5 Tips to Win the Online Customer Handling Game

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Handling online inquiries from the customers is not merely about replying to their questions but also solving their problems. It is important to engraft that way of thinking in the minds of your customer service representatives and of the third party representatives if your company hires external party.

In that case, it is important for your company to provide sufficient knowledge about your brand, values, purposes, and goals to the third party. Most importantly, your team must first design the workflow of online customer handling, standards and FAQ to be discussed further with the appointed external party. Here at Trendreader, we frequently hold biweekly meeting with our clients to discuss the progress of online handling, customers’ complaints, updated FAQ, extraordinary cases (if any), and what can we do to improve the service. Our team acts as a bridge connecting the customers with our clients, yet we realize that we represent so much more than just our clients’ social media accounts. When we speak to the customers, we speak on behalf of our clients’ values, images, purposes, and goals, thus it is important for our team to apply that sense of ownership towards our clients. Once we have invested the principles in minds, it is easier for us to handle the customers.

Below, we have summed up five ways to win your customers’ hearts when it comes to online handling:

1. Having compassion

While it is important to respect your customers, we believe that it is also essential to show your compassion. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes so that you can understand more about their needs. Try to feel their worries and the sense of urgency in their inquiry. Ask yourself, “How would I like the company to handle my complaint?”, “How would I feel if I were the customer?”. Keep track of the complaint handling process. At Trendreader, we create a designated log to keep track of the complaints that are handled internally by our clients, we then write down the handling time estimation later to contact each customer as a follow-up.

2. Understanding the issue

It is normal for the customers to spit out their rage while addressing their complaints. You must stay calm and understand that the customers are directing their complaints to the company, not personally to you. Maintaining your emotion can help you identify the real issue in a timely manner so that you can address it effectively.

3. Giving fast response

We normally allocate one-hour limit to response to each complaint. However, in the matter of extraordinary case, which requires further investigation involving different units or even regional office, it would take more than 24 hours to handle. Make sure that you have set the standard for the time limit so that your customer service representatives can inform the customers about the handling process of their complaints. In addition to giving your customers the answers that they sought for, it is essential to let them know that their complaints are in the right hands. Even if you don’t have the answer yet, let them know that the related divisions have been informed about their inquiries and the issue is being observed for estimated time of 1x24 hour. One of the key points is that never leave your customers bewildered that they will desperately bring the issue to the social media.

4. Defining the best response method

While some customers might love the extra exposure on social media, we have to make sure that we aren’t dragged along. Many customers opt to address their inquiry or complaint in the comment section of a posting. If they only ask general information, then you can directly reply them in the comment section. However, if it involves sensitive information, such as personal identification and phone number, reply to their comments first then direct them to continue the conversation by direct message feature. Use your sense of judgment to define the best response method, whether by direct message, email or ask the company’s representative to directly contact the customers.

5. Giving extra value

While in charge of the online customer handling for a multi-finance company, one of the most frequently asked questions was “How to apply for a loan?”. We first responded the question by providing a link directing the customer to the information needed. Then we took a further step by asking the customer about their locations so that we could direct them to the closest branch office. Go the extra mile to please your customers and let them experience the “WOW” service your company has offered. Bear in mind, of course, that happy customers equal to positive online image building.

Still unsure whether your online customer handling is effective or not? We would love to sit down and share ideas with you.

Feel free to reach us at marketing@trendreader.net

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