"From Newbie to New Me"

12 October 2016 Hanif Taufik No Comments!

My Name is Hanif Taufik, I am student at Padjadjaran University and here's the story of my internship experience at PT Tren Data Indonesia (Trendreader).

I started my internship at Trendreader on 20 July, 2016. Before I started the program, I underwent a qualification test to determine my ability and the needs of the company.

Then I got placed in the Production Unit, where they scan and filter media monitored to suit the clients' requests. On my first day, I was taught many things that I did not learn in college, including the system used to support the job.

I learned how to use the equipments that support the production process such as scanners, receiver, and radio. The Production Team then taught me how to edit the newspaper, tabloid, and magazines after they are scanned and uploaded them to the system. At first I felt the job desks were too hard for me because I had to learn many things at once, but I did my best to stay focus on the job desks given. Later during my internship program, I was given the chance to work with TV/Radio Monitoring and Media Analyst teams.

The TV/Radio Monitoring team taught me how to track the TV and radio channels, edit the files then uploaded them to the system. Meanwhile the Media Analyst team introduced me to report writing. I was guided by the Production Supervisors, Yudi and Rahman. All of Trendreader employees showed their kindness to me. They didn't hesitate to share their tips and tricks on how to improve my skill.

But since my character was a little bit difficult to get acquainted with new people right away, I had a hard time catching what the employees said. I felt very confused during the first week of internship and did mistakes here and there. However, with a firm determination, I finally tried to do my best and got accustomed with the Production Team. The Indonesian Independence Day celebration at Trendreader was a memorable moment for me. I participated in one of Indonesian traditional races, marble race or known as "Balap Kelereng" and won! Once I crossed the finish line, my coworkers lifted me up and chanted my name in victory. I was touched and happy at the same time seeing how they welcomed me, even as an intern. Thanks Trendreader, I'm glad to be a part of Trendreader Team.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

~ Colin Powell ~

*Hanif Taufik is studying Library Science at Padjadjaran University. He enrolled in Trendreader Internship Program from July-August 2016.

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